Eating out can be very reasonable, fresh pizzas start from only 5 euros. You can easily have a meal and wine for 20 euros a head...


...Enjoy dazzling combinations of colourful, earthy vegetables, comforting soups with beans, grains, chillies, nuts and fragrant herbs. Simple seafood dishes prepared with fish and shellfish straight from the sea. Freshly made pasta in all shapes and sizes adorned with flavourful sauces. Salads and sundried tomatoes. Cheeses, hams and home produced meat. Homemade almond pastries, fruit tarts, creamy pannacotta and tiramisu, ice creams and seasonal fresh fruits. The rich red colour and scent of primitivo or negromaro wine. Liquers such as limoncello, walnut and bayleaf are just a few to mention. The food and wine that embraces the humble abundance of Puglia, from the olive groves, wheatfields, vineyards, orchards and the turquoise blue waters of the Adriatic sea. Puglia a green and pleasant land.


Ask of about our Pizza Making Evenings in the Summer months. Read more...

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